TinType (1)

For $150 donation to Bunnell Street Arts Center, you have your tintype portrait taken with March Artist in Residence Adam Ottavi using the antique tintype process. Participants will receive an original, one-of-a-kind 4×5 inch tintype portrait to take home, another photo the other plate will be displayed at Bunnell at the end of March then donated to the Pratt Museum in Homer.

Current Exhibit


Adam Ottavi

Let That Fire Catch Me Now

exhibition March 1 – March 31, 2015
opening:  March 6, 5-7PM
artist talk: March 6, 6pm

Plate Painting Project


Plate Painting

WEEKDAYS, 11am – 5pm / SATURDAYS, Noon – 4pm

Every year dozens of Alaskan artists create unique art plates as premiums for $100 + membership donations to Bunnell Street Arts Center. The cornerstone of Bunnell’s membership, the Plate Project has been generously sponsored for 20 years by potter, Ahna Iredale who kiln fires all the plates in her Homer studio. Bisqued plates are blank “canvases” for brilliant food-safe underglazes. Artists are welcome to stop by Bunnell and paint a plate. If you’d like to get involved for the first time, staff and volunteers will gladly offer you tips and techniques to create a successful plate. All plates will be displayed at Bunnell for the month of May.

Upcoming Exhibit

Whooo, Quilt, 52” x 36, May 2011, Savannah, GA

Abigail Kokai

First Friday, April 3

Opening 5-7pm / Artists Talk 6pm