platepaintingPLATE PROJECT

Every year dozens of Alaskan artists create unique art plates as premiums for $100 + membership donations to Bunnell Street Arts Center. The cornerstone of Bunnell’s membership, the Plate Project was created and sponsored for 25 years by potter, Ahna Iredale. Local potter Jeff Szarzi now fires the painted plates in his Homer studio. Bisqued plates are blank “canvases” for brilliant food-safe underglazes. Artists are welcome to stop by Bunnell and paint a plate. If you’d like to get involved for the first time, staff and volunteers will gladly offer you tips and techniques to create a successful plate. All plates will be displayed at Bunnell in May. Plate Project opening is tentatively scheduled for May 5, 2017.

Open studio every day 12 to 5 pm.

Paint an Art Plate and contribute to the well of creativity that nourishes this community. Art Plates are handmade by local potters and painted BY YOU… artists, community members and Bunnell supporters. Art Plates are a cultural currency that leverage thousands of dollars in memberships, donations and grants to support Bunnell Street Arts Center’s mission and programs.  The beautiful, collectable and functional Art Plates are available as premiums for memberships of $100 and above.


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