Bunnell Street Arts Center's mission is to nurture and support
innovative art of exceptional quality in all media.

Bunnell will be closed from 12/25 – 2/3

We will host limited office hours throughout the month. Please do call 235-2662 or email us at Info@BunnellArts.org if you need to get in touch.

Tamara Wilson, February Exhibit and AIR

Tamara Wilson will be an artist in residence from January 15th-31st in preparation for her February exhibit/installation. Join us for her opening on February 7th. “I am inspired by domestic spaces, memories, investigations of how things work, daily routines, and…

The Horsenecks, in concert 2/13

Thursday, February 13, 2020, 7:30 PM the old-time/ bluegrass Oregon/UK based duo called The Horsenecks performs at Bunnell. Tickets are available here!

Tim Easton Solo Concert, and Workshop OPEN ENROLLMENT, 3/24 – 3/27

Folk based storytelling and personal traveling tales, often peppered with bold confessions or “tell it as it is” reality. Rolling Stone Magazine praised him as “having a novelist’s sense of humanity.” Opening Solo Concert: Join us on Monday, March 23rd…

2020 Plate Project Painting Feb 8 – April 15

Every year dozens of Alaskan artists create unique art plates as premiums for $125 + membership donations to Bunnell Street Arts Center. The cornerstone of Bunnell’s membership, the Plate Project was created and sponsored for 25 years by potter, Ahna…

Atz Kilcher & Deland Anderson, March Exhibit 2020

Join us on March 6th form 5-7pm for Atz and Deland’s opening. Artist talks at 6pm. Atz Kilcher: Atz kilcher has been creating his local root and fiber baskets for almost 35 years. “In this exhibit, I am focusing on…

Thorey Munro & Catie Bursch, April Exhibit 2020

Thorey Munro Artist Statement: “My work is a conversation with the inner lives of landscapes, bodies, light, and time. In fishing I think fluidly, in-relation to the desires of salmon and rivers. In architecture, I see the spatial experience as…

Karen Stomberg & Elissa Pettibone, May Exhibit 2020

Elissa Pettibone Artist Statement: Coming Soon. Karen Stomberg Artist Statement: Collected Treasures ll: Plants from the Kachemak Bay Area I am very conscious of the preciousness of our world and the efforts made by science to protect, preserve and document…

Steven Godfrey & David Pettibone, June Exhibit 2020

Steven Godfrey Artist Statement: Coming Soon. David Pettibone Artist Statement: The show, “Alaska Is Open For Business” will exhibit the first works of an ongoing series titled “Eat, Drink and Be Merry (For Tomorrow We Die)”. “Nature has always been…

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