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Kathy Smith and Bonilyn Parker exhibit for the month of June

Painter Kathy Smith and potter Bonilyn Parker exhibit together at Bunnell Street Arts Center for the month of June. The exhibit opens on Friday, June 7th, 2024 from 5-7pm with artist talks at 6pm.

“I make paintings on a heated printing plate with beeswax and added pigment. I use a variety of artists’ tools to manipulate the wax on the plate to create my compositions. I press printing paper onto the plate to transfer my images. I enjoy the spontaneity of this approach, and over time, I have learned to control some of the results.” – Kathy Smith

“I believe in the importance of hand-made objects in an increasingly disposable world. Contemporary issues associated with waste, commercial manufacturing and consequential practices such as repurposing, recycling, and the DIY movement influence my work. Embellished with the suggestion of mending, my vessels commemorate the endangered art of repair” – Bonilyn Parker

Bunnell Arts by Air In-person and Broadcast concerts

Bunnell Arts by Air presents Rudy Multz in concert at Bunnell broadcast live on KBBI AM 890 Friday on June 21st, 2024 at 7pm. Join our live studio audience! In-person audiences must be seated at 6:45pm.

“Rudy Multz was born and raised in Homer. He was the frontman for Los Holy Santos Gang for 10 years before going radio dark for the past several years. What the pandemic took away in terms of creativity has come rushing back. He is stoking his creative fires wherever he can, basking in the love that he has felt from his fans upon his recent return. He would describe his music as Frontier Rock, a blend of singer-songwriter Americana from the Last Frontier. He favors the rhythm of his acoustic guitar, and his passion for dancing about on stage has earned him the name Rockin’ Rudy.  His strong vocal presence lends itself well to his original ballads with clear and compelling lyrics that paint a portrait of a place you might call home.”

Virtual Giving Gallery

The Virtual Giving Gallery invites collectors downsizing their art collections to donate the re-sale of those artworks towards grant opportunity funds for Alaska artists. The resale of these donated artworks offers a commission to the living artists and seeds artist grant funds such as the Artist Emergency Fund and the Alex Combs Fund administered by Bunnell Street Arts Center.

“Tune in: Homer” Audio Soundscape by Andrew O’Connor

Tune In: Homer” is an audio soundscape featuring voices of people and place in Homer created by sound artist Andrew O’Connor, from Toronto, Canada. O’Connor created this audio installation from…

How to Survive: Baling Strap Basket Weaving Workshops

Bunnell Street Arts Center presents a Baling Strap Basket Weaving workshop led by Rebecca Pottebaum on June 14th and 15th in partnership with the Anchorage Museum, SPARC, and the Center…

7th Annual Community Supported Art (CSA) Box on Sale June 1

Danielle Larsen: Watercolor paintings on paper, (2.5×3.5”) in acrylic magnetic frames As a watercolor artist based in the stunning landscapes of Anchorage, Alaska, I am inspired by the raw beauty…

Suumacirpet (Our Way of Living: Sugcestun) Exhibit and Talks, July 2024

Bunnell Street Arts Center presents Suumacirpet (Our Way of Living: Sugcestun), Anĝaĝiisingin (The way we live: Unangam Tunuu), Yuuyaraput (Our way of life: Yup’ik), uaptiktun inniguq (Doing things Our Way:…

Bunnell Street Arts Center's mission is to spark artistic inquiry, innovation and equity to strengthen the physical, social and economic fabric of Alaska.

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