Bunnell Street Arts Center's mission is to nurture and support
innovative art of exceptional quality in all media.

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25th Annual Plate Project

Opening and Membership Party May 18, 5-7pm This year marks the 25th year for our beloved Plate Project. The project is a creative collaboration between potter and painter which inspires annual membership giving and commemorative plate collecting for Bunnell Street…

CSA: Community Supported Art, Subscribe on June 1

CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) shares have become a popular way for consumers to buy seasonal food directly from local farmers. Inspired by a model developed by Springboard for the Arts and adopted nationally, Bunnell’s Board of Directors has created a…

“Asgurluta” Lena Amason-Berns, Alvin Amason, and Nathan Jackson, July 2018

Artist talk by Lena Amason-Berns 7/6/18 https://www.bunnellarts.org/wp-content/uploads/Lena-Ameson-artist-talk.mp3 ASGURLUTA explores the thematic and conceptual conversations shared by indigenous Alaskan artists Lena Snow Amason-Berns, Alvin Amason, and Nathan Jackson. All are revered for their craftsmanship and innovation in paint and carved wood.…

Melissa Shaginoff Exhibit, August 2018

Bunnell Street Arts Center presents a solo exhibit by Melissa Shaginoff, an Alaska Native artist is of Athabascan and Paiute descent. Shaginoff grew up in Kenai, Alaska. She is curator of Indigenous Art at the Anchorage Museum. Shaginoff received her…

Intercurrents: The Alaska Treaty of Cession, September 2018

16 diverse Alaska artists address the Alaska Treaty of Cession as an intercurrent to “Seward’s Day” commemorations, to increase the prospects for honest discussion arising from a pivotal document that shaped and continues to inform the course of Alaska cultures…

Keren Lowell, October 2018

Anchorage artist, Keren Lowell, exhibits and conducts a residency at Bunnell exploring fiber arts construction techniques in a series of workshops for local artists. Lowell uses discarded items and reinvents them using a range of techniques into three dimensional textile…

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