Bunnell Street Arts Center's mission is to nurture and support
innovative art of exceptional quality in all media.

Antoinette Walker & Beth Blankenship Exhibit, July 2019

Beth Blankenship “I am exploring how all earthly things are connected by the smallest of threads and how we humans, willfully or unwittingly, alter those connections. My newest work is a series of vessels created using machine embroidery on water-soluble…

Sonya Kelliher Combs Exhibit, September 2019

Growing up in Nome, Alaska, I spent summers at our camp where we worked, hunted and gathered food and supplies for the winter. It was there where I learned to listen; listened to learn from family, community members and nature.…

Enter to win 3-night stay with Stillpoint Lodge

Stillpoint Lodge has partnered with Bunnell Street Arts Center to give you a chance to win big with your donor dollars. Raffle will run from February 1st – December 1st. A winner will be drawn on December 20th, 2019 at…

A Cosmic Hamlet by the Sea Vol. 1, Powered by PechaKucha

Bunnell Street Arts Center’s PechaKucha 20×20 is a concise presentation format for 8-10 speakers to share their passions, story or craft among their community via a self-advancing slide talk: 20 slides for 20 seconds. Location: The Shop 60388 Bear Creek…

Arlo Hannigan Concert, Bluebelly opens 7/11

Homer blues trio, Bluebelly opens for Nome and Nashville-based Arlo Hannigan with Jackie Rae Daniels and Lance “Sunny Jim” Highers Homer blues singer/songwriter and instrumentalist, Michael Walsh opens the first set with original, delta-style blues on resonator. Influenced by Fred…

Matt Yaki Concert 7/18

An avid writer, songwriter, musician and educator, Matt Yaki spent a decade in Homer playing with some of Alaska’s finest musicians and drawing inspiration from the community’s extraordinary denizens. Equipped with a guitar, piano, and some words, Matt returns from…

Les & Janelle Matz & Colleen Thomas, August 2019

Les & Janelle Matz Metalsmith Les Matz continues his line of jewelry forms done in partnership with his wife Janelle Matz. Les creates the armatures out of old bicycle spokes, and Janelle covers the forms with prepared fishskin. These light…

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