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10 x 10 Member’s Show 2016

The annual 10 x 10 Member’s Show makes art collecting accessible to all. Join our creative economy during the gift-giving season. This dynamic, multi-medium exhibit supports both  novice and master, showcasing Homer’s vibrancy as art town.

All work is available for bidding during the two-week silent auction. The bidding will close on December 2nd 6pm, on First Friday. 

Participating artists:

Linda Robinson, Brianna Allen, Janice Peyton, Joanna Watts, Brooke Hueper, Mandy Bernard, Jennifer DePesa, Brianna Lee, Johanna Spaeder, Elizabeth McKenney, Gretchen Sagan, Sharlene Cline, Argent Kvasnikoff, Maria Bernier, Marla Kvasnikoff, Lauren Wessel, Edward Bledsoe, Judith Winn, Monica OKeefe, Melisse Reichman, Susan Sinclair, Gundega Snepste, Hanna young, Carla Cope, Michael E Murray, Kathy Smith, Kayla Spaan, Karin Holbrook, Astrid Friend, Sarah Frary, Susan Johnson, Jen Luton, M’fanwy Dean, Michael Armstrong, John Vanek, Kelsey Hardy-Place, Jean Steel, Mary Verhoef, Cindy Nelson, Ann-Margret Wimmerstedt, Christine Kulcheski

All 10 x 10 works are available for silent auction bidding in person however, all works are available at a $250 buy it now price. Please call 235-2662 to inquire about purchasing work.


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