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2017 Plate Project, Online Gallery here

You are invited to participate in Bunnell’s annual Plate Project.

Local potters donate their time to create about 100 plates each year for Bunnell Street Arts Center’s Plate Project. Once the plates have been thrown and fired, community members join the gallery from February until April to paint a plate which later is given as a token of appreciation for new and renewing membership donations. Plate memberships start at $100 donations and truly exemplify the creative hamlet that Bunnell works to foster.

Opening Reception and Annual Meeting: Saturday May 6th, 5pm

Join us in celebrating the artist and volunteers that make up Bunnell. Homer potters create bisqued plates that are painted by the Bunnell community. The painted plates are chosen by you, as a commemorative gift for your tax-deductible donation to Bunnell of $100 or above. The 2017 Plate Gallery can be viewed online at:

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