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2022 Annual Report

Dearest friends, neighbors, artists, and partners,

Together we have weathered three years of pandemic, political strife, and the literal weather as the consequences of living out of balance with our environment become more apparent and destabilizing. As we imagine tomorrow, artists help us elaborate what that might look like, sound like, feel like. Art is a multi-sensory experience that can profoundly alter a person’s worldview. Arts and culture are ways of communicating values and creating communities of thought and action.

We need that sense of possibility as we grapple with our world’s challenges. We can be inspired by Indigenous futurists who project traditional values of care and belonging into a bold vision of tomorrow, or by queer artists who teach us about communication and self expression, or by Black artists who champion joy in the face of profound adversity. Our own personal creative practices can lead to understanding, togetherness, and healing.

We reveled in being together in-person this past year. This year saw the completion of two multi-year projects including, Tuyanitun:Tuggeht, a public art installation and Protection: Adaptation & Resistance, a touring show celebrating Indigenous resilience. We saw Bunnell’s Artist in Residence program expand, and we celebrated Bunnell traditions like the Plate Project, concerts, and exhibitions that enrich our experiences here in this place and time. We look forward to new residencies, exhibits, workshops, concerts and gatherings in the year ahead and take this moment to thank each of you for your role in this landscape.

Adele Person

Executive Director

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