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5th Annual Community Supported Art 2022

Gus Beck: Wire Bird Sculpture

“Every year when the snow starts flying, the snowbirds fly away to warmer places, only to return in the spring alongside the shorebirds and cranes. I recognize the importance of seasonal movement while also creating a way to have a bird friend in sight year-round. In this project I have tried to mimic their forms as they first appear gliding back into Homer.”

Marketa Beck: Stamped Fabric Wallets

“I like playing with colors and fabric craft techniques to create simple, practical objects for everyday use. Each piece is a combination of embroidered, dyed or upcycled fabric scraps with a prevalence of Japanese geometric patterns. I am thrilled and grateful to be a part of the 2022 Community Supported Art project and curious about what else the “magic box” will offer this year.”

Karyn Murphy: Handbound Book

“Experiencing Kachemak Bay is such a privilege. I feel compelled to share the wonders that I observe with others, especially with art. Even the smallest plant or animal is a part of a larger understanding and working of the world we live in—everything is interconnected.”

Tony Perelli: Carved Wooden Spice Bowl

“I’ve pursued art and craft through a variety of workshops and apprentice-like relationships that focused on ceramics, woodturning and wood carving.
Participation in the CSA is exciting to me as a chance to operate as a contributing member of the vibrant Homer area community which Bunnell stewards.”

Sarah Sims: Ceramic Mug

“Nature is a common influence of many artists. The connection with nature and clay to handmade pots elevates day to day life and can be witness to a beautiful, therapeutic dance. It brings me great joy to know, when one of my pots is held or even seen, it’s uniqueness is felt. The form and function of the piece is satisfying. The movements of texture and design I create with sgraffito and carving the clay is fulfilling. Seeing others enjoy it is gratifying.”

Susanne Ratcliffe Wilson: Sandhill Crane Glass dishes

“Cranes have survived on the earth for 35 million years. When I moved to Homer, Alaska, I became fascinated by the sandhill cranes who migrate here in the spring. I am inspired by their beauty, their resilience and their adaptability. Before I became a glass artist, I was a painter. Today I create painterly images of sandhill cranes in glass.”

What is a CSA? Over the last 20 years, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) has become a popular way to buy seasonal food directly from local farms. With the same buy-local spirit in mind, Community Supported Arts is a similar endeavor to support local art, artists and collectors. It’s been replicated in over thirty cities in North America over the past five years. This is Bunnell’s 5th annual CSA and the first to partake in Alaska. Alaska’s first art CSA was begun in 2018 by Bunnell’s Board of Directors to connect emerging artists with a community of collectors. Each CSA “share” includes a collection of small works by various Homer artists. Shares go on sale June 1, annually. For Bunnell Arts 2021 CSA, six emerging local artists from Homer were selected by competitive application. The artists were selected based on quality, contrast and compatibility for the CSA collection. Each artist created 30 shares for the CSA boxes. Each artist is paid upfront for the works -a guaranteed market. This stipend assists with the upfront production and labor of the art. Each share includes one piece from each of the CSA featured artists. Benefits of the CSA program for Artists include:

  • Gallery support and guaranteed revenue for the creation of their work
  • Establish relationships with the local artists and art community
  • Participate in the launch of an exciting new model of art and distribution

Benefits of the CSA program for Members include:

  • Receive multiple works from local artists at a fantastic value!
  • Develop relationships with the local artists and art community
  • Discover new artists and explore a variety of disciplines
  • Support local artists’ careers and a vibrant community

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