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APRIL: AIR, Abigail Kokai

Life occurs as a series of layers. These layers can easily be quantified into linear sequences as single years, techniques, education, and personal experiences. For Abigail Kokai, these layers translate into the layers of a quilt.

Abigail positions herself as observer-participant and preserves observations and stories as quilted documents.  Her quilts depict site-specific happenings of everyday life as observed and personally experienced. Through her residency she will lead a series of workshops as contemporary sewing circles, sharing her processes of sketching, observing, storytelling, and quilt-making. These events will invite cross-contribution from nearby residents, volunteers, and the Bunnell Street Arts Center community. She hopes to collect patterns, stories, and meaningful fabrics from the surrounding community to use in the construction of quilt pieces. She will encourage residents to participate in all aspects of the quilt-making process.

Finished quilt pieces will form a collection of experiences providing a visual identity and tactile representation of the involved community. Work will be displayed in public places and reside in domestic spaces.


For more information about Abigail Kokai see her website

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