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Conrad Winslow and TRANSIT bring new music to the peninsula

Bunnell welcome’s Homer-grown New York-based composer, Conrad Winslow as Artist in Residence in July. Conrad’s music, often dramatic and buoyant, is characterized by “harmonic thorniness and rhythmic vitality,” according to the New York Times, and has been described as a “scenic, boisterous and bumpy ride,” by the Albany Times Union. Raised in Homer, Alaska, Conrad perhaps got the idea of making things from scratch by watching his parents chop down trees and build a log cabin home in the woods. Extended childhood road-trips through the continental United Sates and a residential stint in Hawai’i have taught him to look wide. Conrad is Artist in Residence at Bunnell in July, 2013 with support from ArtWorks and the National Endowment for the Arts. He plans the following program to expand the audience for new music in collaboration with Transit and Homer band Holy Santos Gang.

About Transit: Taking their cues from the diversity of the city around them, the artists of TRANSIT seek to create bridges between and among the various schools and styles of music being written and performed today, while embracing innovative projects that are relevant to contemporary culture. Their goal is not to achieve an international style or to promote a particular “sound.” Rather, they champion experimental music from a wide range of influences with the conviction that the music of today is inherently meaningful to audiences and vital to social progress. Paired with superior artistry, shrewd programming, and radically open ears, this determination keeps TRANSIT firmly rooted at the cutting edge of new music.

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