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Amber Webb, Artist in Residence, October 15-28, 2021

During Amber’s residency she will focus on a small wood carving or series of carvings based on the series of fat indigenous women drawings. Amber is a Yup’ik artist/activist from Dillingham, Alaska. Her work visually explores the effects of colonization and the evolution and strength of Indigenous people after genocide and intergenerational trauma through portraiture and textiles. She explores pictorial Yup’ik storytelling to communicate contemporary stories of oppression, historic trauma, resilience, humor, changing climate, motherhood, and resistance.

On October 22nd, Amber Webb, Ricky Tagaban, and Allison Kelliher discuss violence within medicine toward big bodies, colonial violence and health on Bunnell Artist Talks. Talk will be posted on our YouTube channel and posted to our Facebook page.

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