ACWilliamson Dexterity 2018

Anvil Catlin Williamson and Christina Fenner, August Exhibit 2020

Anvil Catlin Williamson Artist Statement:

“Working in a figurative animal imagery, I choose subjects that tend to go unseen and are often disregarded. I love the concept of the “little guy”. I believe that the most profound truths can be found in the smallest details and quietest moments of these lives. For the exhibition I am formulating a body of work that explores belief systems and how they compel us to a sense of purpose or service, often at great emotional or physical cost. The work will be comprised of approximately 8-10 free-standing figurative animal sculptures in ceramic and mixed media, ranging in size from 10″-24″ with accompanying wall-hanging portrait-style collages. I incorporate a high level of detail and layering in my work that often requires a second, closer look. For this body of work I will also be utilizing detail from press molds and slip-cast components in the sculptural works to emphasize influence and pressure.” more.

Christina Fenner Artist Statement:

“Christina creates whimsical and detailed images depicting unsettling yet inviting characters. Each piece is a short story filled with well thought out symbols, references to folklore, politics, science, and historical events. Each piece is drawn using graphite and then printed on to cloth or wood using an acrylic transfer process. The print is painted and sealed with acrylic medium.
The goal of the work is to spark conversation and to inspire the imagination. Each piece comes from hours of research and has a deeper meaning for the viewer to discover. Christina wishes to inspire viewers by sharing her perspective and encouraging others to be curious and look for meaning and beauty in unlikely places. I will be revisiting the bird head series and smaller dimensions of approximately 14 x 14. The work will pay homage to bird species that have become extinct in my lifetime. Each piece will depict the style and fashion of the time it met its untimely death. The action will come from things that were happening to me during the same time period.” more.