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Arias Hoyle, Artist in Residence in Portland, May 2023 – Indigenous Residency Series

Indigenous Residency Series Artist Sharing

Indigenous Residency Series (IRS) is a multi-year program with three artists—Anthony Hudson, Arias Hoyle and Steven Paul Judd—working with  host organizations PICA, Bunnell Street Arts Center and NM Bodecker Foundation, respectively. In addition to developing their work independently and in collaboration with their host organization, the artists are meeting virtually throughout the process to build connections between their communities, and to share the work with the  public. IRS is managed and supported by the Western Arts Alliance’s Advancing Indigenous  Performance (AIP) program, led by Ed Bourgeois, with support from the National Performance Network (NPN), James F. and Marion L. Miller  Foundation, and Regional Arts & Culture Council (RACC)

Indigenous Residency Series artists will offer workshops and support activities with students of Native American Youth and Family Center (NAYA)’s All Nations Academy: Song Composition with Arias Hoyle (May 25, 2023); QUEER PROM! with performances by Anthony Hudson as Carla Rossi (May 26, 2023); Collective Painting with Steven Paul Judd (September, 2023). Workshops coordinated by NM Bodecker Foundation.

Video coming soon.

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