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Art Koeninger, Artist in Schools at Flex, February 2023

“The Artists in the Schools (AIS) program has been an integral part of the arts education experience at Flex for a number of years.  The annual residency introduces students to new and unique forms of artistic expression.  This year, artist Art Koeninger guided us through the processes of creating various pieces of jewelry.

Over the course of Art’s two-week residency, students and staff learned a great deal about jewelry fabrication and design. The first week focused on learning about different jewelry making techniques and methods. Students were encouraged to focus on personal artistic expression through design, experimentation, and use of materials. Students took time to hone their ideas and experiment with materials before attempting to make these a reality. The second week, Art and the staff worked with individual students on their ideas and processes in pursuit of a final piece.

The residency will culminate in the twelfth annual Flex First Friday.  Community members and families will gather to celebrate the work of our amazing artists. Overall, this year’s Artist in the School experience was a success.  We cannot wait to participate again next year.”

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