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A Door into the Dark

For her exhibit at Bunnell Street Arts Center this month, Homer photographer Lauren Semivan quotes writer Rebecca Solnit, “Leave the door open for the unknown, the door into the dark.  That’s where the most important things come from, where you…

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Woodard Creek Cultural Corridor

Bunnell Street Art Center’s aim to strengthen the community through artistic engagement interfaces with other local efforts strengthening our environmental resources for economic, cultural and physical health.   Highlighting Woodard Creek as a community asset is a shared cause.  Woodard Creek…

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Bunnell recieves $35,000 gift

How deeply does Bunnell impact Alaska's vibrancy? The stewardship of an anonymous donor provides essential support for Bunnell's mission this year with a targeted gift underwriting our exhibition program and more. This $35,000 gift also funds artist in residence coordination…

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SHORE: Homer at Tuggeght

Choreographer Emily Johnson brings her multi-part installation SHORE: Homer at Tuggeght to Homer, June 9-13 at the Bunnell StreetArts Center. SHORE celebrates the places where we meet and merge—land and water, performer and audience, art and community, past, present, and future. SHORE is the third…

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