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Ryan Romer, May 2016 exhibit

Ircenrraat: extraordinary people who appear in people or animal form. My show consists of paintings with gouache and acrylics, photographs, and reliefs and monotype prints that depict imagery of Yup’ik theology and worldviews and the nomadic lifestyle and landscapes. I…

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Thank you 2015 Members!

Abigail Kokai Abigale Ryan Hensley Adam Ottavi Adele Person Aimee Sulczynski Alan Parks Aleda Yourdon Alexandra Sonneborn Alissa Wardwell Allan Phelps Allison Gaylord Amy Budge Angie Newby Ann Lillian Schell Ann-Margret WImmerstedt Anna Raup Anne Beesely Annette Bellamy Anthony Davi…

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Animalia: Wearable Arts Performance

https://vimeo.com/144687965 Every year Bunnell Street Arts Center enriches our schools, providing hands-on workshops in art, dance, drama, writing and music by trained Teaching Artists for Artist in Schools (AIS), a trademark program of Alaska State Council on the Arts (ASCA).…

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Linda Infante Lyons

Open Space/ Open Mind is a current body of work of non-narrative landscapes reflecting my response to encounters and engagement with the land. The imagery of my work is drawn from memories and observations of my surroundings, inspired by recent travel to…

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