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Business Membership

We would like to thank the many businesses and non-profits that support Bunnell Street Arts Center and the vibrant creative place that is Homer Alaska. There are many ways to give, share and invest in our creative community: in-kind donations, services, cash donations, program partnerships and sponsorships, membership. These entities, led by artists and entrepreneurs, care and invest deeply in our creative economy. All of us working together – non-profit, business, government, citizen – are what make Homer, Alaska a great place to live, to work and create. Thank you for the gifts you give every day.

Business / Non-profit Sponsors

Maura’s Cafe
The Driftwood Inn
The Grog Shop
Homer Jeans
Homer Real Estate
Two Sisters Bakery
Fat Olives
Homer Brewing Company
Land’s End Resort

Homer Fiber Arts Collective
The Fringe
Old Town Bed and Breakfast
Jazzline Dancers
Rare Bird Pottery
Jars of Clay
Lisa Wood Pottery
Paul Dungan Pottery
The Homer Theatre
Pier One Theatre

Homer Council on the Arts
R.E.C. Room
Haven House
Kachemak Bay Campus
The City of Homer
The Pratt Museum
Islands and Oceans Visitor Center
Modern Dwellers Chocolates
Blue Hollomon Gallery

Homer has been written about in many publications from travel books to Outside Magazine, the Seattle Times to the New York Times for its colorful and diverse character, quality of life, its setting on Kachemak Bay and its appeal as a vacation destination. Homer’s reputation for its arts and cultural offerings are well known within the state as well as Outside.

Bunnell is investing in Homer’s creative economy. I am writing you to explain how a business sponsorship is a way Bunnell and local businesses can work together to support and grow our creative economy.

The arts attract tourism and attracts many of us with creative livelihoods to build our business here. Homer’s magnetism is manifested in the arts. The tourism industry has blossomed and bolstered our local business landscape. Why? The arts are an artesian well for community vibrancy.

Arts travelers generally stay longer and spend more money exploring the local culture. They are excited to experience local eateries, enjoy shopping locally and seek out live performance.

Bunnell Street Arts Center received the Governor’s Award for the Arts for leadership in 2008 and, this year, the Arts Leadership Award from the Homer Council on the Arts. As a ringleader of artistic innovation, education and opportunity in Alaska, Bunnell’s offerings include:

  • A bold, high-caliber variety of visual artists exhibits and artist talks to spark our community’s creativity.
  • A range of performance art, from cutting-edge theater, dance, live music, Inupiaq rap to Yu’pik storytelling.
  • Writers readings and innovative screenings
  • Wearable art shows
  • Culinary events, tastings and classe
  • Hands-on workshops of painting, bookarts, dance, theater, jewelry, cartooning, sculpture, writing and poetry.
  • Artists in Schools Program, directly nurturing Homer’s youth in the arts.
  • A beautiful space for special events rental. Tables, table cloths, and chairs are provided with the space and gourmet catering is available.

How can your business benefit from a business sponsorship with Bunnell? For a one-year membership of $250 (payable in smaller monthly payments, if you so desire), your business gains advertising and exposure in our newsletter, networking opportunities and priority in renting our space for special events. Let us work with you. We welcome your ideas!

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