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Carla Potter Exhibit, June 2017

Artist Statement:

“Navigating a couple of very difficult years has me in a space

where I want to make work that is a relief.

Uncomplicated gestures

Soft white beauty

A touch of the sea”

Alaskan sculptor Carla Potter shows a new body of work along side Sarah Tabbert.

Antoinette Walker and Carla Potter Exhibit, June 2021

To protect the most vulnerable among us, we require visitors to wear masks indoors and we are limited 50% capacity for events (30 people total indoors, masked) with overflow on porch. Exhibit Opening (In-person): Friday, June 4th 5-7pm | 6pm…

Rachael Juzeler Exhibit, December 2017

Artist Talk:   Artist statement: “I am endlessly fascinated by the antiquity and ruins of my surroundings. Living on Douglas Island in South East Alaska has shaped my work and sense of place. I create chandeliers, glass works and functional…

Lukas Easton Exhibit, November 2017

Artist statement:   Visceral Visions “Human emotions and reactions inform much of my carved narratives. This likely comes from several traumatic childhood experiences, and a career in emergency services. Witnessing humanity at its worst, and at its best, has shown…

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