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Brianna Allen September 2014

Brianna Allen uses color, texture and design to create a visceral likeness in her paintings.  She pulls between quick gesture drawing and precise in-studio study until they both coexist together to reveal new way to experience the landscape. These landscape…

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Lisa Wood July 2014

Lisa Wood’s creates functional stoneware forms that radiate earthy elegance. Her lifestyle inspires ideas for ash glazes and wood fired pots reminiscent of fish, boats and woodwork, bold brushstrokes, mossy and oceanic glazes.  Lisa Wood has studied pottery with internationally-recognized…

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James Behlke June 2014

This show, with images "Close to Home," usually looking from Kincaid Park towards the Kenai Peninsula, (from a spot that is often an especially cold and windy micro- climate that I call "Butt Freeze Bluff") is a continuation of my…

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Adrien Segal May 2014

Oakland, California-based sculptor, Adrien Segal will provide a residency and process installation at Bunnell combining local investigation and shared experiences. Segal will begin by offering an artist talk on April 22 at 6 pm. She will provide a community workshop series…

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