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Chickaloonies Book Signing: Interactive Indigenous Storytelling, August 25th, 2021

On August 1, a new graphic novel called Chickaloonies was announced. It is an all-ages, fantasy adventure comic and the latest work from Dimi Macheras and Casey Silver. The two live in Seattle, Washington, and created the comic over the last couple of years.

Join us for an interactive indigenous storytelling and book signing by Dimi and Casey for 5:30 on Wednesday August 25th, at Bunnell Street Arts Center. Free, masks are required.

Macheras, a Chickaloon Tribal Citizen, was born and lived in Alaska and moved to Seattle as a young adult. Together with Silver, they are 80% Studios, an independent visual arts studio striving to bring stories like Chickaloonies to life for themselves, Alaska Native, Native American, and others interested in their stories.

Silver and Macheras are part of the artist collective Łuk’ae tse’ tsass.

Łuk’ae tse’ tsass, is the Ahtna phrase for fish head soup. Łuk’ae tse’ tsass sustains us. It represents our deep knowledge of Alaska as well as our humble collaborative goals as a collective. Łuk’ae tse’ tsass is created with all the seemingly “leftover” parts of the salmon. But when brought together make the most delicious soup and fully honors the salmon. As a collective, we recognize that it’s all our parts in experiences, cultures, and individual talents that create the best work and fully embraces Indigenous ways of being. Together we are Łuk’ae tse’ tsass Comics, all the parts that make a delicious soup and honors the Indigenous cultures we represent.

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