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Circle of Protection: Body, Land, and Spirit ~ Invitational Exhibit, September 2021

To protect the most vulnerable among us, we require visitors to wear masks indoors and we are limited 50% capacity for events (30 people total indoors, masked) with overflow on porch.

Exhibit Opens (In-person): Friday, September 3rd, 5-7pm | 6pm Artist Talk

Virtual Artist Talk will be available on Facebook and our YouTube channel.

“Circle of Protection: Body, Land and Spirit” is an invitational exhibition featuring Alaska artists concerned about social justice, pandemic, climate change and cultural survival.

Central to the intention of this exhibition is healing, elevating protective practices and realtionships to the land, the body and cultural property — basic rights which continue to be violated by systemic colonization. Scholarship, research and reckoning shift over time. The learning is ongoing. It is grounded in listening to artist-leaders and holding space for bold and brave expressions of individual agency. “Circle of Protection” is an interdisciplinary exhibition that draws upon traditional and global, customary and innovative approaches.

What does planetary resilience, human adaptation and bodily agency look like from up here? A “circle of protection” is not a convergence of beliefs, a melting pot of practices, but a braid of distinct voices, a celebration of those distinctions, elevating individual agency, lifting up relationships to humans built on respect and relationships to the land built on reciprocity.

Participants: Annette Bellamy, Qacung Yufrican (Steven Blanchett), Beth Blankenship, K’asheechtlaa (Louise Brady), David Brame, Carla Klinker Cope, Jo Going, Lily Hope, Air Jazz (Arias Hoyle), Carol Hughey, Bobby Lynn Qalutaksraq Itta, Abigail Kokai, Marla Kvasnikoff, Amy Meissner, Rika Mouw, Sheryl Maree Reily, Jimmy Riordan, Ryan Romer, Nathan Shafer, Susan Joy Share, Qatilguq Kimberlyn Sheldon, Hanna Sholl, Charlie Skultka, Ricky Tagaban, Colleen Firmin Thomas, Amber Webb, Sarah Whalen-Lunn, Peter Paul Kawagaelg Williams

Virtual Artist Talk

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