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Deb Lowney Exhibit, September 2017

Artist Statement:



This body of work began with a study of water’s flow, and my attraction to water’s capacity to reflect many textures, colors, forms. The work evolved into a study of water’s effect on landscapes–how it tears down landscapes in one place only to build them up in another place.

I began this inquiry two years ago, carving for an exhibition at Valdez Museum. Since that time, the work has continued to flow into questions about muse sense of responsibility to control the outcomes of the flow versus simple allowing and enjoying the flow. Why do we make decisions that go against our best interests, decisions that might be destructive and hurtful or compromise ourselves or others?

Some interpret flow as an energy source, others as passive or lazy, or perhaps as a follower. As I continued to work with this theme I started to contemplate the impact of the phrase, ‘Going With The Flow’, and the societal implications of this phrase.

Wood Working Workshop: Sept 10, 12-3 pm limit to 10 people, $65 fee. Call 235-2662 to register.




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