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Don Decker, Exhibit, February 2022

Thin Ice

Artist Statement:

I have been walking the trails, forests and shores of Alaska for 50 years, always in the company of a loyal dog. The sub-arctic environment has been a constant source of information and inspiration. I refer to these elements of nature, but not as illustrations. The images in my art evolve out of the practice of working daily in my studio.

My focus has been not only the expansive Northern landscape, but the patches of ground beneath my feet as well. I work in an abstract expressionist manner in painting, while my drawings are usually tighter and detailed. Both media reflect my extemporaneous and experimental approach.

I have been University trained and have studied the art in great museums of the World. I value originality though historic themes such as modernism continually permeate my decision making during the process of painting or drawing.

The struggle to improve is challenging and never ending. Each empty canvas or page is a new beginning. Inherent in the process is the danger of mis-step or failure. It’s like walking on thin ice.

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Artist Bio:

Decker has taught and exhibited in Alaska for 53 years, with 42 solo exhibitions including the Anchorage Museum and all other noted venues around the state. He received the Rasmuson Foundation’s Distinguished Artist award in 2016.

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