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Eddy Wood, Artist in Schools at Chapman, March 2023

Champan School, Anchor Point, Principal Eric Hart reported  on the success of our recent 2-week residency program, which was designed to provide a unique learning experience for elementary school students.

“74 students and seven teachers, who were fully engaged in the program and created a successful production that was enjoyed by the entire Chapman community.  Eddie Wood was great at getting our students enthused about this process of synthesizing movement, music, and storytelling. Throughout the residency, our students were able to hone their skills in music, storytelling, and movement, as they worked collaboratively to create a production that truly showcased their creativity and talent. Our students were fully invested in the program, and they approached each day with a sense of enthusiasm and energy that was contagious. Whether they were collaborating on a piece of music or brainstorming ideas for the production, they always took the time to actively listen and support one another. They took risks, tried new things, and weren’t afraid to think outside the box. Whether they were choreographing a dance sequence or brainstorming together, they approached each challenge with a sense of excitement and curiosity, which was truly inspiring to witness. Our students worked together to create narratives set to music that were engaging, thought-provoking, and joyful. It is through programs like this that we are able to provide our students with a truly transformative educational experience, one that will stay with them for years to come.”

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