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Łuk’ae tse’ tsass, is the Ahtna phrase for fish head soup. Łuk’ae tse’ tsass sustains us. It represents our deep knowledge of Alaska as well as our humble collaborative goals as a collective. Łuk’ae tse’ tsass is created with all the seemingly “leftover” parts of the salmon. But when brought together make the most delicious soup and fully honors the salmon. As a collective, we recognize that it’s all our parts in experiences, cultures, and individual talents that create the best work and fully embraces Indigenous ways of being. Together we are Łuk’ae tse’ tsass Comics, all the parts that make a delicious soup and honors the Indigenous cultures we represent. Learn more here.


To create, promote and distribute exciting comic book stories/New media/fashion exemplifying the rich regional cultures of Alaska in ways that both honor the heritage and forge new concepts to bridge the past with the future.


Curate new media projects which respectfully showcase the vibrant tribal cultures of Alaska under a shared imprint which represents the people, heritage and values of Alaska’s Indigenous communities.

Elevate and showcase up-and-coming artists by providing a platform and infrastructure in which they can utilize a process which authenticates and ensures a respectful final product.

Create regional satellite oversight councils consisting of elder and youth culture bearers, which can operate in an editorial capacity, customized for that particular regionís values and representation.

Build a network of artists and storytellers who can operate under one unified banner and whose output is certified for education and curriculum purposes.

Incorporate a banner multimedia publishing house which offers creator-owned content and Intellectual property rights while at the same time protecting tribes and their ancestral knowledge and heritage.

Offer workshops to rural areas in Alaska, teaching the methods and tools necessary to create comics/Augmented Reality/etc. while emphasizing local history, by connecting Elders and culture bearers with people who want to carry that specific heritage into these modern art forms.

Build a Shared Universe line of media which showcases all of Alaska’s vibrant cultures under one banner similar to other shared universes in other mediums. Share and Promote these mutual endeavors and design distribution systems to ensure that rural Alaskan kids have access to the final products.


Nathan Shafer

Dimi Macheras

Melissa Shaginoff

Richard Perry

Łuk’ae Tse’ Taas (Fish Head Soup) Comics & Shared Universe, Artist in Residence, March 2023

Bunnell Street Arts Center welcomes Łuk’ae Tse’ Taas (Fish Head Soup) Comics & Shared Universe, a group of Alaskan comic book creators from March 3rd – 6th.  “Łuk’ae Tse’ Taas…

Chickaloonies Book Signing: Interactive Indigenous Storytelling, August 25th, 2021

On August 1, a new graphic novel called Chickaloonies was announced. It is an all-ages, fantasy adventure comic and the latest work from Dimi Macheras and Casey Silver. The two…

Shared Universe Book Club with Nathan Shafer, Melissa Shaginoff, Dimi Macheras, and Richard Perry, September 25, 2020

How can we create stories from the most authentic representation? What does it mean to re-imagine modern storytelling with Indigenous authority, Elder and youth contributions, and our own cultural competencies?…

Nathan Shafer & Melissa Shaginoff, June 19, 2020

Nathan Shafer is a new media artist from Alaska specializing in augmented reality and digital humanities. He is one of the founding members of both the Manifest.AR and Meme-Rider Media…

Wintermoot Shared Universe

To create, promote and distribute exciting comic book stories/New media/fashion exemplifying the rich regional cultures of Alaska in ways that both honor the heritage and forge new concepts to bridge…

Wintermoot Book Two: Sourdough and Arête Release Party, 11/16

Wintermoot Book Two: Sourdough and Arête Join us for this Book release party @ Bunnell on November 16th @ 4pm. The second issue of Wintermoot focuses on Sourdough, an aging…

Nathan Shafer, February Exhibit 2019

Wintermoot: Aqpik and Mars AppleNathan Shafer Wintermoot is an augmented reality comic book series produced by new media artist Nathan Shafer with the Shared Universe group that also produced the…

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