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GOAL REACHED $10,060 Raised for Artist in Schools Programming

$10,000 Goal:

Funded 100%

Thank You to Our Donors:

Hannah M Gustafson
Sheryl Baechler
Dorothy Duncan
Nuka Research
Linda G Robinson
Amy Reedy
Matthew R Steffy
Sarah Robertson
Michael McGuire
Gary Langlois
Adrian Ochoa
Monica Jenicek
Charlotte Fox
David Kaufmann
Amanda Benwell
Melanie Dufour
Brian F Dingman
Susan E Johnson
Lisa Kaaihue
Kes Woodward
Lloyd Stiassny
Crystal Worl
Rachelle Benney
Franceska A Robinson
Elisa A Russ
Lila L Johnson
Brianna Bryngelson
Kayla Spaan
Madeleine O’Laire
Florence B Larson
Dan Cope
Jen Luton
Susan Klinker
Sean M Boily
David Woodie
Amanda Bernard
Victoria Gutschow
Danielle Ishmael-smith
Zed L. Blue
Kim Terpening
Lama Munday
Kurt D Marquardt
Rose M Hagen
Rebecca Mizel
Julia A Person
Michael Illg
Marika E Mouw
Bonnie Amidon
Linda G Robinson
Antoinette Walker
Taz Tally
Jennifer K Reinhart
David Pettibone
Joe Pfeil
Micheal Yourkowski
Craig Matkin
Carla L Cope
Morris Mannfried Funk
Todd Hindman
Karen A Marquardt
Asia Freeman
Susan McLane
Diane McBride
Annette Bellamy
Bob Shavelson
Paul Schnabel
Sharleen VonNormann
Adam Zahler
Laurie Fleming-Palo
Judy Benny
Brianna  Allen
Sarah Spencer
Elisa Russ
Lolita Brache
Carol Swartz
Jim McGrath
NorthLine Fisheries
Judith Kramer
Denice Clyne
Pat Wolf
Carla Potter
Lenka and Howard Levine
Ulmer’s Drug and Hardware
Jo Michalski
Eileen Cook
Charlotte Fox
Marika Mouw

The current annual budget funds AIS programming for about 25% of Kenai Peninsula schools.

Bunnell Street Arts center is the primary provider of Artist in the Schools (AIS) for the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District (KPBSD). State funding for the Artist in Schools programming maxes out at about $12,000 for Bunnell, which typically serves about 12 schools. KPBSD has 42 schools.

The program is thriving and we are ambitious.

  • Since 2001, Bunnell has provided 157 Artist in Schools units.
  • Presenting units in ALL media, including indigenous art native to Alaska.
  • Every dollar raised will be matched by private foundation grants.

We connect participating schools with professional artists to foster an arts-impassioned district through AIS programming. Every AIS program offers professional development for teachers and for artists.

Help double hands-on art access to kids in our district.

  • For many years, Jazzline provided a third of additional funding needed to serve 6-8 schools.
  • Without Jazzline, we are limited to about 12 schools per year.
  • This campaign will double this program’s capacity to reach more.

It’s an ambitious, multi-year effort to double the size of Bunnell’s Artist in Schools program over five years and implement our commitment to promoting Alaska’s diverse contemporary cultural heritage.

Double your donation with a 1 : 1 match

We want to double the annual number of schools we serve, especially in rural and remote parts of the peninsula- and your donation will get us there. Each contribution will provide a 1:1 match from private foundation grants.

We can get there with your help.

Be a part of building a better youth art education for Alaskans.

Donate Now

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