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Heidojo and Tom McDermott in concert, August 16 @7:30p

Tom McDermott is an internationally recognized traditional jazz New Orleans piano player. HeidiJo is an up and coming New Orleans singer/songwriter. Over the years they have cultivated an impressive duo performance. Both students of music, they have fun on stage as they challenge each other’s musicality, igniting an infectious energy.

Their show ranges from jazz and blues standards with Tom on piano and HeidiJo singing, to piano solo pieces from Tom’s extensive repertoire to HeidiJo playing piano and singing a few of her original songs.

Tom McDermott and HeidiJo:

Tom McDermott and Heidijo met in Paris in 2006. Tom landed there to escape the devastation of Katrina, HeidiJo had come from Anchorage, Alaska to play music. Years later, when Heidijo moved to New Orleans, they rekindled
their friendship in addition to cultivating an impressive duo performance together.


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