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An Artful Year

Thanks for a terrific year of art making!  We love our members and supporters and the artists and Alaskans who create this vibrant ecosystem at the end of the road.  We are closing out the year with the return of the beloved Bunnell New Year’s tradition…. EDIBLE ARTS!  You are invited to create Edible Masterpieces and win prizes in categories like Most Alaskan and Sugar High.  This year’s Edible Arts is supported by Maura’s Cafe, whose daily tradition of creating artful food inspires us. See more below and enjoy the abundance of the holiday season!

Bunnell Street Arts Center has been a powerful shaper of the Alaskan arts scene with your generous and steady support.  You can now donate online and know you are sustaining innovative art in all media into the future. Visit us soon!
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