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Artist Talks feature Alaska artists exploring themes of social wellness and cultural survivance through art. Artists discuss adaptations and collaborations across disparate global geographies and within differently-abled communities. Contemporary forms of decolonization from Indigenous and Afrofuturism in adornment, dance, graphic arts, installation, land acknowledgement, medicine, mothering,  music composition, theater and creative writing. These discussions identify innovations and new directions, revealing how artist’s lead and shape Bunnell’s past and future exhibits. Listen and watch to past recorded dialogs on our YouTube Channel and on Facebook Live as scheduled.

Inspiration and Adaptation Dialog: Theresa Woldstad "Navigating Ambiguous Waters"

How can Alaska artists gain access to Alaska’s natural materials? It is the responsibility of the artist to navigate the complicated mosaic of regulatory authority to harvest natural materials for art. Yet the foundation from which an artist begins navigating regulatory authority is often inadequately defined. Indigenous artist, Theresa Woldstad aims to develop a working regulatory manual for artists in their use of natural resources; and to review current barriers to cultural expression utilizing natural artistic resources and potential solutions.

The dialog will be live on Facebook and archived in our YouTube channel.

Inspiration and Adaptation Dialog: "Passages Alaska"

“Passages Alaska” – Decolonizing Alaska Studies Jennifer Romer, Ryan Conarro & Nita Rearden discuss Passages Alaska, a new Alaska Studies course explores the stories, histories, cultures, and contemporary identities of Alaska through art, storytelling and theater

The dialog will be live on Facebook and archived in our YouTube channel.

Inspiration and Adaptation Dialog: "Alaska, Revised"

“Alaska, Revised” : Photograpaher, Ben Huff, painter, Rachel Mulvihill & filmmaker Michael Walsh discuss their unsettling depictions of Alaska’s landscape, altered, manufactured and sometimes dystopic.

The dialog will be live on Facebook and archived in our YouTube channel.

September Exhibit Talk

“Circle of Protection: Body, Land and Spirit” is an invitational exhibition featuring Alaska artists concerned about social justice, pandemic, climate change and cultural survival. Read more.

2021 Community Supported Art Artist Talk

2021’s Community Supported Arts box is Bunnell’s 4th annual endeavor to support local art, artists and collectors. This talk features participating artists Allison Galbraith, Ariel Gingrich, Ahna Iredale, Willow Jones, Oceana Wills, and Saundra Choate-Hudson. Read more.

Inspiration and Adaptation: Land Acknowledgment

Where We Begin: Tuggeght, At the Shore” Learning about Land Acknowledgment with Emily Johnson and Amber Webb. This is the second conversation in a five-part series of conversations on Land Acknowledgment with Indigenous Alaska artists in July and August of 2020.

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