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Jarod Charzewski April 2014

Originally from Winnepeg, Calanda, Artist in Residence Jarod Charzewski built an installation that began in the parking area and reaches well into the interior interior of Bunnell Street Arts Center. Please come inside to get the full experience! Charzewski who teaches at art the College of Charleston, works with ideas of the indiscriminate accumulation of man-made materials through human and natural currents and behaviors.

“My objective is to create an immersive landscape for gallery viewers to experience. The artistic process begins with a design phase that works specifically with the unique elements of this exhibition space with consideration to lighting, entrances, passageways and architectural features.”

For this installation, Jarod collected a variety of donated and loaned materials associated with this area: barrels from the Ring of Fire Meadery, seine net and corks from Bulletproof Nets, Bouys and floats from Brad Faulkner and others. These items were attached to the exterior of  a wood armature creating the appearance of a solid pile. The design and appearance of the exterior was created with Jarod in a hands-on workshop April 7-11. The installation will remain in place at least through June 2014.

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