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Jeffrey Lee Mills Concert 9/6

Bunnell is pleased to present feature world-touring jazz pianist Jeffry Lee Mills for the World Arts Festival.

Tickets $15 advance/online; $20 door

German Art & Cultural reporter (Claudia Maiwald) says:

Pianist/composer Jeffrey Lee Mill’s screenings and compositions for films, radio plays, advertising and theater are heard from Europe to America. His repertoire includes classical, jazz, lounge, funk and reggae. The happy-humorous way that Jeffrey Lee Mills brings as a live entertainer /singer is just as refreshing as the music he creates.

Biography: Jeffrey Lee Mills is a NY-born jazz pianist/composer based in Berlin, Germany. A baby-boomer raised on wonder bread, influenced by the Brady Bunch, Beatle and Zappa, he has played piano, and trumpet since childhood. He studied in NYC under Ken Mcintyre. His influences are Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Herbie Hancock Bob Marley, Zoe Zawinul, Wayne Shorter, Keith Jarrett… In Germany he has toured Europe with international musical clown theater, “Three Wheel Circus”, Gary Edwards comedian, improv theater, “Mister Monkey Music School”,“Baby Boomers Beatles en vogue”. Jeffrey’s performances creatively rocks, jazz and grooves. His latest project is called Beatle Jazz.His originals and arrangements engage the audience on a journey of surprises.

Listen to Jeffrey here:

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