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JAN 2015: Jo Going – STILL & AGAIN

STILL AND AGAIN – Projections, watercolors and poetry

exhibition January 9 – Feb 3, 2015
reading January 9, 6 pm

This exhibit presents a video of Jo Goingʼs recently published book of poems and paintings, STILL AND AGAIN, inspired by her life in the wilderness of interior Alaska. Joʼs art from her recent residency in Italy will also be on display, sustaining the balance between life in Alaska and life in the larger world that is essential to her iconology.

Jo will also read from her book, copies of which will be for sale at the reception signed by the artist.

This exhibit explores the relationship of words and images, an interface that has for me been in continuos evolution throughout my life. When I create, words and images evolve together in a mutually supportive dialogue coming from the same Source.

Chinese, Egyptian hieroglyphics, and Ojibway Midewewan scrolls show us, for example, how letters and alphabets arose out of pictures. Sanskrit, Hebrew, and Ogham are a few examples of how sacred geometries evolved into letters. Over time, as divisions arose in humanityʼs concept of self, words are considered to occupy one domain, pictures another. But the brain truly functions holographically, and the division of the brain into separate hemispheres of action is ultimately a limited perception, falsifying ultimate truth.

The art and poetry chosen for this exhibit shows how the world of images and the world of words can form one mutually supportive reality. They relate as partners in a waltz, each having its own steps, but together, creating a heart centered whole, dancing across this stars.

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