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Kachemak Bay Landscape Invitational, August 2017

Artist Talks:


Artist Statements:

Rita Pfenninger

“Painting is my meditation. The mantra I use to begin is admiring pretty colors and interesting shapes. I enter a world of feeling and instinct. I pick it up and leave it off according to the passage of time and my body’s needs. I do not notice until after I have finished that my reverent observation and rendering have evoked insights. They come from somewhere else while I am focused on what my eyes show me.”

Spelman Evans Downing

“…This summer in my Cooper Landing studio I have had a fine time not turning on a projector, not preconceiving anything, just gesturing on my panels, painting by squeezing oil tubes of paint, then spreading out the impasto with a palette knife, then selectively poring enamel paint and experimenting with color theory and texture.”

Rachelle Dowdy

“My exploration with bird imagery started about twenty years ago as an inquiry into my my phobia of avian life forms. Today I couldn’t be more enamored with these creatures, and their evolution from dinosaurs. I am fascinated with their capacity to be nurturing, monogamous, deceptive, cunning and sometimes murderous. These traits are surprisingly familiar.”

Steve Gordon

“I’m interested in capturing the beauty of a specific places I’ve been that connect with my soul.  I’m drawn to color,  light,  movement,  space and the patterns that are found in nature.”

James Temte

If you look at a forest, you see vertical lines, and layers – so many layers. I love nature, I love color, texture and my inspiration comes from all these wild places. I am a non-objective / abstract painter / muralist interested in the creative process, chaos, and finding order within the chaos. I love the challenge of manipulating paint and using nonconventional tools and techniques. This process of creating allows my mind to imagine. For me each piece starts with a vision, location, or concept, and I create from there.

Deland Anderson

These paintings begin with a simple premise: the horizon encircles us and brings down the colors from the sky.  No matter where we are, we are in the midst of a landscape.  There is no berry patch or school of fish “way out there”; wherever they are found, they are in the center of the universe.  From this perspective, we are able to see the world unfold around us, attuned to the changes, reality constantly outstripping apprehension.

Reception is from 5-7pm, artist talks at 6p. First Friday catered by Wild Honey Bistro.

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