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Kárin Lowney-Seed Exhibit, May 1 – 14

Artist Talk: Kárin Lowney-Seed – May 4th, 2018


Artist Statement:

Currently I am working on the elements of hard and soft as they are reflected in nature. While driving across the country twice this year, on different routes, I became deeply invested in the shapes and colors that caught my attention. Having spent time over the last 30 years in Alaska, I am looking forward while at Bunnell to explore and include these new elements into my work as well. As my work develops it takes me on a journey that I allow to happen in whatever way it needs to manifest itself. I look forward myself to see where this takes me.

I am excited to present a workshop on contemporary art. How to access and interpret abstract and contemporary art and use that information in our lives and in our own work. This is an exciting opportunity to connect to the community and offer a different view point. This is a two-day workshop for non-artists and artists alike working together.

I am visually stimulated by everything: patterns, colors, objects, figures, shapes, and life’s aesthetic rhythms. My eye bolts to the dramatic and the bold. While working on a series of landscapes/waterscapes I used language to help me feel the space. This opened has me to new ways of thinking – allowing me to create a new sense of rhythm.

I am a true colorist. I see color. My work is also inspired by joyfulness – such as the feeling you get when flowers arrive unexpectedly or when you are in the subway and someone compliments your coat. I pay homage to the things I love that draw me in every day. I work effectively, tight and loose. This has helped me keep a fluid feeling between throughout my work.

I have reoccurring images that cycle in and out of my work. Through the rhythms of my language paintings, I have generated a shorthand using the same movements and shapes to create an energetic color field. Color mixed with chaos offers me endless possibilities. I am currently mixing the hard and soft movements and loving where this is taking me.


Kárin Lowney-Seed is an award-winning artist with a sharp and direct style. Her paintings are bold, confident, and colorful with a keen eye for visual balance and intrigue. As a college professor of art history and studio classes, she brings a depth of knowledge to her work.

Ms. Lowney-Seed has shown her work throughout the country and is part of many private collections. Her paintings and sculpture have been a part of numerous exhibitions including the Brooklyn Museum, The Philadelphia Art Museum, The Art Institute of Chicago, Art Basel Miami and Art Expo New York (invitational). She was featured as an expert artist on The Learning Channel.

Kárin holds an MFA and BA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

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