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Kendra Harvey, Exhibit March, 2024

Ceramicist Kendra Harvey exhibits at Bunnell Street Arts Center for the month of March. The exhibit opens on Friday, March 1, 2024 from 5-7pm with an artist talk at 6pm. Harvey will also host two plate painting workshops for Bunnell’s 30th Annual Plate Project.

“Storytelling is the foundation of my art. Throughout time and across cultures, mythologies have been formed out of our everyday lives. These shared narratives illuminate human nature, provide comfort, and foster connection. Reinforcing this connection is the core of my work. I want to capture the feeling of hearing a familiar tale once again, but in a new form. Through the rich history of their imagery and symbolism, animals invite endless creative freedom. Detached from the intimately recognizable human figure, they are still relatable through their roles in our lore. I see them as vessels for the human condition, emotions, and relationships. The scenes are enhanced by color interaction that’s inspired by emotional content and the landscape around me. Placing these subjects in compositions on the wall elevates them and evokes sacred imagery. Their floating positions reinforce that they belong to a world adjacent to our own, evoking the line between reality and fantasy. My work is an investigation of pervasive queries about the human experience and world around us. How do we define ourselves in the other? Which of our unique qualities can also be universal? Is there a purpose to human imagination, and why do we filter our reality through it? Through the oldest medium on earth, storytelling, I hope to inspire the viewer to consider humanity’s progress and its future while honoring its past.”

Kendra Harvey studied ceramics at UAA and presently lives in Anchorage, Alaska. 

Diversify your knowledge of artistic mediums and create a beautiful ceramic painting in two Plate Painting workshops led by Kendra Harvey on March 2nd and 9th, 12 – 5pm at Bunnell Street Arts Center. Plates become part of the annual Plate Project collection and inspire $125-$1000 membership donations to Bunnell Street Arts Center. Learn more about this fundraiser and annual community engagement event here:

Bunnell Street Arts Center’s Visual Arts Exhibit program is funded by membership and business donations and supported by collectors from Homer, greater Alaska, and beyond. Visit Bunnell’s online store at The Visual Arts Exhibit program promotes community engagement and education about Alaska’s diverse artistic heritage while elevating Alaska’s artists and culture bearers with opportunities to explore their craft, culture and artistic innovations.

Kendra Harvey
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