5. Hunger Shirt Detail

Keren Lowell, October 2018

Anchorage artist, Keren Lowell, exhibits and conducts a residency at Bunnell exploring fiber arts construction techniques in a series of workshops for local artists.

Lowell uses discarded items and reinvents them using a range of techniques into three dimensional textile art. Her work explores themes including erosion and translucence. Her work is neither solely painting, sculpture nor installation and yet takes elements of all three to create powerful and emotional art that has a raw beauty, depth and intelligence. Her workshops will explore how to use flexible materials in a sculptural way.

“I think and visualize things in three dimensions, but traditional sculpture mediums (wood, metal, stone, clay) are too rigid and absolute for me. Textiles operate the way that most organic and fluid things operate. I also appreciate the way that textiles evoke our own skin. I think of textiles as visual metaphors for the human (especially the feminist/queer/curious) condition,” says Lowell.

5 weekends of workshops will begin the last weekend of September on Friday evening, and continue throughout all weekends of October to help local artists create successful works for the Wearable Art Show on November 17. Each weekend will have a different theme such as mending, making/building patterns, architecture of wearable art, etc., with a separate, modest workshop fee. Details and registration here.