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Les & Janelle Matz & Colleen Thomas, August 2019

Les & Janelle Matz

Metalsmith Les Matz continues his line of jewelry forms done in partnership with his wife Janelle Matz. Les creates the armatures out of old bicycle spokes, and Janelle covers the forms with prepared fishskin. These light and intriguing forms speak to the cycles of fish, planets, and leaves. Additionally, these materials are in their second and new life, another concept of re-cycling.

The Matzes began working in fishskin after attending a workshop with the late Fran Reed, after which they created small sculptures from fishskin and metal. Although Janelle has studied fishskin processing from cultures around the word, the original way of repeated scraping and working quickly with the wet skin has remained the most exciting. The forming of the drying skin around an armature created to utilize the beauty of the material is unique. They enjoyed the challenge to make their work smaller and wearable.

Colleen Thomas

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