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Looking for the Sublime update

After a couple days of regrouping and decision making we are ready for the final push. The new site has been chosen, the first course of bricks have been laid, and brick production is almost complete.

Come on down to the beach to help us make the last bricks and construct the cenotaph. We will be there by 3pm at the latest on Friday and even longer through the weekend. If all goes well we will start firing Monday Morning (May 26th). So if you haven’t been down yet, or its been a few days, now is the time to join in this community effort or to check out whats been going on.  We love seeing you all, and have been enjoying whatever food has been brought for us and our devoted volunteers.

Thanks to everyone for their investment, support and for making this project so amazing thus far.

See ya on the beach (Bishops Beach, just in front of where Bidarka Creek runs into the ocean)
Michael Gerace, Jesus Torress-Landin III and Jimmy RiordanBrick Michael Jesus and Dog Jimmy Draw mud Kayla mud mud diggers


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