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Lukas Easton Exhibit, November 2017

Artist statement:


Visceral Visions

“Human emotions and reactions inform much of my carved narratives. This likely comes from several traumatic childhood experiences, and a career in emergency services. Witnessing humanity at its worst, and at its best, has shown me the power and importance of all emotions. These experiences have led me to appreciate the beauty in morbidity and emotionally dark content in art. “Visceral Visions” explores how to evoke deep and visceral responses from the viewer by drawing them in with the beauty of elegant form and technical skill, and then confronting them with images of extreme and raw events. My investigation of ceramics is rooted in a desire for physical interaction with art. A deeper level of understanding and intimacy with the world is obtained through touch. I am drawn to gently curving forms as they contrast with the harsh imagery carved into the surface. Intensified by the large scale of the vessels, this combination is both inviting and repelling.”


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