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March: Artist in Residence, Adam Ottavi

Poem by Kevin Goodan

Who’s throat does not house

a conflagration? Whose lungs

does not feel the mortal twinge

shiver a breath from them?

I look down into the valley

of my life, cupping an ear

to hear a sudden chorus

of trees ignite, the refrain

to overtake the draw

for such roaring is a proverb,

a distraction of light –

singe me I whisper

as I let that fire catch me now

and purge me into songlets of ash.




During a month-long residency at Bunnell, Adam Ottavi will produce 60 tintype portraits at 4 x 5 inches of Homer residents. People in and around Homer will have the opportunity to participate and have their portrait made using this beautiful, antique photographic process. Each person will donate $150 to have his//her portrait made. Each participant will receive 1 of the 2 tintype portraits made during the sitting. The other tintype will be included in a 5-day exhibit at Bunnell at the conclusion of the residency. The project will energize the community surrounding Bunnell Street Arts Center and educate the community on, and foster interest in, the history of photography. This collection of tintypes will encourage discussion of history and contemporary representations in art and photography.


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