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Marjorie Scholl Exhibit, February 2018

Artist Statement:

“The Jess and Tuck Show ” (A Mother’s upbringing)

This show is a tribute to parenting in all its glory and ridiculousness, reflecting on my favorite photos over the years and freezing them in time. In this collection I have featured and painted from three images by Aleda Yourdon. Yourdon is a fabulous local photographer who generously shared a few photos for this series of work.

This new series describe my childrens’ upbringing, including favorite still lives that complete a timeline of the last 16 years. Jessie created incredibly imaginative play for her brother, Tucker resulting in her whimsical title as “Captain”, pirate of the ship. The living room coffee table was the ship’s deck. There she stood, barking orders. A huge smile beamed from Tuck’s face as he run back and forth in the room, shouting “Aye Captain!” over and over.

These stories have humor and pain. Such is life and parenting. I’m celebrating the friendship between one brother and sister of opposite personalities and brilliant chemistry, and one mother’s view of how it went down.

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