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Melisse Reichman Exhibit, June 2018

Homer sculptor Melisse Reichman celebrates intertidal creatures of Kachemak Bay with intimate detail and imaginative abstraction.

Artist Talk:


Artist Statement:

I fall in love, grow immersed, climb inside earth’s nature-made sculptures.

I long to explore these forms, to learn how they are so impeccably perfect and at the same time, perfectly imperfect, with cracks and bites, flaws and blemishes, a combination of rhythm and random. It is an intimate experience, my seeking, finding, collecting, sorting, choosing, zeroing in.

Transforming micro to macro, small living beings grow monumental in scale in my mind’s eye and then with my hands, ever curious to know which qualities will change in the process of my making.

Intertidal creatures of Kachemak Bay are celebrated here.

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