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Join us for Member’s Appreciation, ZoomParty 12/18 6pm

We know it’s different this year but we still want to show our thanks to the members of Bunnell Street Arts Center. Although we much prefer to see your smiling faces in the gallery, we are seizing the opportunity to unite 2019’s Indigenous Road Show artists to join us virtually. Staff will also share program highlights from 2020 and plans for 2021.

Zoom Meeting ID: 810 9959 863 Passcode: Bunnell

Arias Hoyle presents “Color Jazz,” to manifest the vibrant vibes of Alaska. Feel the colorful beauty of Indigenuity through sound, Northwest Naturalism” s “Air Jazz” Hoyle is solo hiphop recording artist from Juneau. “My ancestry includes African American, Tlingit, Blackfoot Native, as well as Caucasian. My Tlingít name is Yawdunéi, and I am Gaanaxteidí (Raven Woodworm). My Alaska Native family are the Jilkáat Kwáan (Chilkat People) who originate from Klukwan in Haines. My intention is to broaden our Northwest American audience with my music. Tlingít pride and Alaskan representation incorporated into hiphop is my forte. Alaska is full of remarkable history; it’s necessary that we be nationally recognized for our artistic expression. Some people view our tribes as dying out, whereas I see us as striving peoples ready for revitalization. Aatléin gunalchéesh! Ixsixán Ax Kwáan!

2019 Native American Music Awards “Artist of the Year” Singer, Songwriter, Grammy Member, ASCAP Member, Photographer, Shelley Morningsong (N. Cheyenne) has recorded seven sensational Native American Contemporary albums and has emerged as one of New Mexico’s finest Native performers.

Shelley’s husband and musical partner Fabian Fontenelle (Zuni/Omaha) adds a breathtaking and beautiful element to their performance with his traditional northern plains style dancing, storytelling and drumming. He has a life long history since he was a child of dancing with his family dance group from Zuni Pueblo called the Zuni Rainbow dancers originated by his Grandparents in the early 1900’s.

Maura Garcia will share a performance and song entitled “In Tongue”, was composed by DDAT (Delbert Anderson, Chris Bidtah, Nicholas Lucero, Mike McCluhan). Delbert and Maura are both currently fellows in Western Arts Alliance’s prominent Native Launchpad program. At Delbert’s suggestion, Maura choreographed a dance specifically for “In Tongue”. They wanted the collaboration to uplift people’s spirits, especially in the time of COVID-19.”In Tongue” is a music video collaboration uplifting the vibrancy of Indigenous cultures and the resilience of the human spirit.

The artists are thrilled to have found a way to collaborate across the miles. All acknowledge that despite the disastrous effects of COVID-19, the pause has caused artists to devise creative and more sustainable ways to collaborate with one another.

Zoom Meeting ID: 810 9959 863 Passcode: Bunnell


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