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Miki Sawada pianist, Sunday, August 27, 4 pm

Pianist Miki Sawada tours with a piano in a van in her Gather Hear Alaska tour, accompanied by a documentary filmmaker. Together they explore the idea of the piano as a gathering place – a rare place for people to pause their lives and open their ears, increase awareness, and listen deeply. This tour is a social experiment: Can classical music touch us more personally and powerfully when taken out of the concert hall and placed in local community hubs? Can we grow to be more empathetic to each other through this shared occasion of focused listening? Miki will perform standards ranging from Bach to Gershwin, pieces lovingly written for her by close friends, and a work by Homer-native Conrad Winslow. She will thread together the program through commentary and questions, and also will lead the audience in group participation pieces. This program is for everyone, whether you’re knowledgeable about classical music or you’ve never encountered it live. Follow on FB @GatherHearAlaska

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