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Mother, Group Exhibit, December 2022


A position, an act, a summoning, an expletive, a transition, an irreversibility.

The word conjures comfort, expectation, humility, defiance, entanglement, lineage, disappointment, rage, and bliss. The state is simultaneously verdant and mundane, a vein of generational knowledge and deep intuition tempered by unknowing and unlearning.

Mother is created from within our mothering experience, but also in response to our relationships with one another – sustenance, balm, commitment, and reckoning.

We do this work to contextualize, remember, and honor all stages of mothering. By couching our questions in reprieve and tenderness, we reinforce connections to mothers who came before, to those seen everyday, and to others who have yet to become.


Brianna Allen, Homer AK,

Myesha Callahan Freet, Chugiak AK

Somer Hahm, Fairbanks AK

Lily Hope, Juneau AK

Carla Klinker Cope, Homer AK

Amy Komar, Homer AK

Amy Meissner, Anchorage AK


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