Munro CosmicOrder2

Thorey Munro & Catie Bursch, April Exhibit 2020

Thorey Munro Artist Statement:

“My work is a conversation with the inner lives of landscapes, bodies, light, and time. In fishing I think fluidly, in-relation to the desires of salmon and rivers. In architecture, I see the spatial experience as iterations of materials and meaning in time, bled through with light and texture. My art practice moves in dialogue with apparatuses that help me discover visually what I sense but can’t articulate with the tools of ordinary language.

The recent work in collage and long-exposure pinhole photography is a way to play with time in place. By printing, cutting and shifting my photographs paired with historical images, I loosen up associations of form and meaning, scale and time, and tease out new ideas from existing
materials. The solargraphy photographs, made from imprecious aluminum can cameras affixed as witnesses in site, soak up time from light to show the movements of days, weeks, months in a single image. These works are tools for deeper dialogue with history, with materials, and with other people as a way to bring in more beauty and multiplicity in how we talk about future and place.

My work draws out the surreal, the shape-shifters, the visceral entanglements, and the cuts in time and scale that disrupt a linear sense of order. Color, form, and texture make up a language
of movement, as if the works are perpetually in-process, resistant to settling. It is a language that asks questions of the strange and beautiful experience of bodies in time and space.”

Catie Burcsh Artist Statement:

“In the fishing community, a water haul means you went through your net or string of pots and you didn’t get anything but water. This title has more than one meaning for me. During the time I’ve been fishing commercially, several fishermen have drowned near my fishing site. Water Haul also speaks to the weight of knowing mine is a dying trade. When you fish for a species that used to be all around the world, it’s hard to ignore the inevitable, that eventually we will have mostly water hauls.”

Radio Group by Catie Bursch