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“Waterhaul” with Thorey Munro & Catie Bursch canceled.

Due to the impact of Covid-19, We will be canceling this show. We do hope to reschedule in the future so stay tuned. We will keep you updated.

Thorey Munro Artist Statement:

The works in “Waterhaul” are a conversation with the ever-changing tidal, seasonal, surreal, and sleep-deprived river landscapes of Bristol Bay. The collages illuminate an underlying entanglement of water, light and life. I cut and fit photographs of my own with historical images to see nonlinear time as a place to dream about future. They loosen up associations of form and meaning, scale and time, and tease out new connections from existing materials. The sun drawing photographs are made from long-exposure pinhole cameras affixed as witnesses. They soak up time from the sun’s light to show the movements of days, weeks, months in a single image. They are a tool to access the way that time embeds in landscape, and to remind us that everything is always in motion. The collages, books and sun drawing photographs in “Waterhaul” are games: apparatuses to tease, prod, rhyme, play and ask questions of landscapes and time.

Catie Bursch Artist Statement:

In the fishing community, a water haul means you went through your net or string of pots and you didn’t get anything but water. This title has more than one meaning for me. During the time I’ve been fishing commercially, several fishermen have drowned near my fishing site. I have searched for fishermen’s bodies in calm water with sunshine, wind and heavy seas, swift current and brown water. I have never found a body, and many fishermen remain out there somewhere. Water Haul also speaks to the weight of knowing mine is a dying trade. When you fish for a species that used to be all around the world, but is now only in a few remaining places, it’s hard to ignore the inevitable, that eventually we will have mostly waterhauls. There are feelings, images and stories that have accumulated in me over the 35 years I have fished commercially. Some I have never spoken out loud. Some are told every year. Specific incidents have been reduced in my mind to one or two scenes that stick with me. When I see these scenes in my mind’s eye, the emotions of that moment/day/time come flooding back.
They range from the hilarious to the most frightening times of my life. I love the lingo, phrases and common items known to Alaskan fishermen and am compelled to document them somehow.

Radio Group by Catie Bursch