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Nina Elder, Exhibit and Artist in Residence, February 2021

Residency and Exhibit

February 8th – March 3rd, Exhibit opening February 12th, 6 – 7 pm Exhibit opening and “Second Friday” artist talk on Zoom and FB live.

With NPN’s support, Nina is developing It Will Not Be The Same, But It Might Be Beautiful. This multimedia project poetically explores how humans are implicated in the Anthropocene and are also tasked with moving towards a more holistic future. Through video installation and large-scale drawing, this investigation of change focuses on objects that have been exhausted by use and transformed by time. It Will Not Be The Same, But It Might Be Beautiful illuminates that what remains—even through environmental demise—can inspire wonder, help us understand the past, and embolden resilience in the future.

This exhibit comprises 7 drawings and a multichannel video. The drawings were made using wildfire charcoal, glacial silt, and industrial pulp mill waste. The video component was created in collaboration with Michael Conti. Participants in It Will Not Be The Same, But It Might Be Beautiful are:

Andrew Manos
Bill Knox
Buck Walsky
Cassidy Austin-Merlino
Ella Conti
Georgeanne Sprinkle
Gus Manos
Holly Mititquq Nordlum
Hugo Manos
Jeremy Pataky
Kristin Link
LaNaya Proctor
Max Bard
Mike Conti
Patt Garrett
Riley Conti
Ro Whiting
Sarah Ayaqi Whalen Lunn
Shoko Takahashi
Sophie Littee
Theron Bard


Bring in a worn object found from the ocean, Feb 9th – 20th. Call / text to schedule a Covid-safe appointment with Nina.

Nina Elder invites you to contribute to It Will Not Be The Same, But It Might Be Beautiful. This project seeks to find beauty in what is broken. The videos and drawings in the exhibition focus on puzzlestone, rocks that have been shattered by rapid temperature shifts and glacial retreat. While in residence at Bunnell Street, Nina will be making drawings based on objects that have been transformed by the ocean. She is especially interested in ropes, riggings, and cordage – things that humans depend on in a coastal lifestyle, and that eventually fray. Nina sees beauty in these exhausted forms after they are done tying, anchoring, and securing and wants to celebrate them. Nina asks you to bring any rope type object that you have used or found to the gallery. It can be trash or treasure, small or large, tangled or tame – it just must be worn out. Wearing masks and using social distancing, she invites you to the gallery where she will photograph your object, discuss with you about what it is and what it has done. You may leave your object or take it with you, but Nina will use it as inspiration for the drawings and lyric essay that she will be creating during her residence. Nina will meet with you by appointment between February 9 and 20. To schedule an appointment – it can be last minute and very casual – call or text Nina at (575) 779 8121. She will be in the gallery most days and looks forward to meeting you!

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