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Bunnell Street Arts Center presents Old Town ArtPlace Initiative, opportunities through art to explore creative placemaking, shared values and communal stewardship in the historic neighborhood of Old Town, Homer. Old Town ArtPlace Initiative seeks solutions to entrenched problems like speeding traffic and pedestrian accessibility with artist-led amenities, participatory events and both permanent and ephemeral public art installations and  Old Town Artist In Residence  program for visiting artists from Alaska and the United States to galvanize the community around Homer’s Old Town neighborhood through the creation and presentation of artwork that activates the Arts Center’s space and surrounding outdoor neighborhood sites. For ideas and examples google Creative Placemaking and visit

We’ve got it going on!

We are busting at the seams with creativity and partnerships, Here are some recaps!

  • Old Town has new striping and paving to happen along E. Bunnell Ave and Bishop’s Beach parking in October, as well as more pedestrian signage!
  • Charles Way should be developed as an additional walking and bike trail by next spring.
  • An edible and pollinating garden and peony garden has been planted beside the board walk along Bunnell!
  • Can you picture a public art sculpture in Bishop’s Beach Park? WE CAN! Artist RFPs will be released on October 1st and have a submission deadline of Dec 1st.  The AIR selection committee will select the artist by mid December!
Click on the mural above to find out more!


Gear Bench
Breezy Callens was artist in residence in Old Town Bed and Breakfast during the summer of 2013. She made this bench of steel recycled from Mike Kenney’s selvedge piles. It is installed at the Inlet Trading Post, home to Bunnell Street Arts Center and Old Town B&B, adjacent to Old Town People’s Garden. Breezy’s Bench was installed after the completion of the boardwalk, one of the first pedestrian amenities for Old Town. The bench provides a perfect vantage point to enjoy the view and the edible/pollinator garden which was designed and installed by Rita Jo Schultz. The garden features Rita’s famed peonies. Rita Jo envisions Homer hosting an annual peony festival. She has donated hundreds of peonies to the town. Old Town Peoples Garden was the perfect occasion to cultivate her vision in Old Town.

















OldTown desgin
Welcome to Old Town public sign was approved by the Planning Commission on September 18th! This sign will be located on Ohlson Way, in partner with the Homer Chamber of Commerce. The sign will be installed by April of 2014.





Wendy Erd
Wendy Erd leads a walk along the Beluga Slough reciting her Poetry on the trail project. This is a collaborative partnership forged by Bunnell Street Arts Center with the Alaska Islands and Oceans Visitor Center, the City of Homer and US Fish and Wildlife. Poems and signage will be installed by May of 2014.







The Public Arts Committee and the Parks and Recreation committee have joined to support this beautiful signage addition to Bishop’s Beach Park!



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