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Old Town AIR, June Update

For one week, Old Town transformed Bunnell Street Arts Center’s exhibition space with a display of maps, drawings and collaborative lists which illustrated growing pains and more importantly, healthy remedies for Old Town’s future.  This informative show showcased our neighborhood’s collaborative skills, inviting  viewers to absorb the possibilities, and better, participate in new conversations surrounding revitalization!  This was a tremendously successful outreach approach.

Using the recent news of our ArtPlace award, we were able to make an exciting presentation to Homer’s City Council this week.  We illustrated “creative placemaking” to City dignitaries and how we want to see more of it in Old Town. We requested  $75,300 of City funding to support our efforts, all in the allotted 10 minutes!  Whew!  We presented twelve specific, collaborative requests which all support necessary Old Town pedestrian infrastructure investment.  By engaging in this commitment, the City will be partnering with us in sustainable changes envisioned for Old Town.  Our presentation focused opportunities for the city to take part in this unstoppable project- I think we brightened their agenda quite a bit as a matter of fact!  The presentation was extremely well received. Two council members signed on as sponsors immediately.  All 12 requests of our requested will be introduced as an ordinance on June 24th.  The second reading and first public reading of these ordinances will be on July 22nd.

Local green thumb Rita Jo Schultz has generously donated 100 peony bushes to be planted along side Bunnell Street Arts Center!  Homer gardeners are excited to explore a new market: peonies, which grow well in our cool summers. On a mission of peony proliferation, with her straw hat and shiny, floral danskos, Major General Rita Jo marched into Bunnell mapped out an irresistible beautification plan. Her “get to it” –ness is thrilling! We are as eager as she is to dig into the rich Alaskan soil!  Also, the Homer Cycling Club has contacted me about donating at least one bike rack to Old Town!  A flurry of inspiration is sweeping our streets like the brisk bay breezes.  By advocating for neighborhood vibrancy through collaboration, we are inspiring cross-pollination here in our little Cosmic Hamlet by the Sea!


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