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As an artist I enjoy approaching my work as part historian party scientist, part storyteller and several parts curious. I combine artistic practice, self-observation and my own academic research and knowledge to come up with images that replace the general with the specific and explain life in terms that I have grown familiar with. In my recent work I explore the simultaneous intrigue and isolation that living in an Alaskan town carries for a resident. Some pieces such as “With Filling” are a more humorous application of the geological-type diagrams. My intention is to continue in this vein, using diagrams and blueprints as the conceptual departure point form my next body of work. I look forward to exploring the concepts of foundation, home, building, structure and stability through large-scale works that use only people as the ‘building materials” rather than seeing a skeleton of a home with the lumber exposed, I would like to see an image of rows of individuals standing on one another’s shoulders with interlocked limbs to form a sturdy structure.

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