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My work utilizes consistent and repetitive lines very similar to the patterns found in nature. Organic movement carries and flows across the forms. I am intrigued by the motions around me, whether it is as immediate as a storm on the sea, the unseeingly slow mobility of a glacier, or the unveiling of spring. The unadulterated Alaskan landscape continues to inspire and shape my work in its beauty, vastness, mystery, and power of the wildness. The purpose of this series is to examine water through the dichotomy of slow and fast movement, and form as both liquid and solid. The exhibit will create an opportunity for the viewer to further explore the metaphor between the different states of water in relation to the human condition, particularly in regards to the experience of uncertainty, impermanence, and unpredictability. Water washes away and purifies both externally and spiritually, readying one to come into the presence of focus. My intent is to connect people to the sacredness of water and use it as a tool to bridge a greater reality. These concepts will be sculpted as representations of large masses of water to include the ocean, glaciers, snow, and in some instances a representational human element.

To find out more about Maygen Jannetta visit her website here.

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